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Garden Ideas - Winter Landscape Garden Ideas

      As any avid gardener knows, time is at a premium from Spring until the first frost of Fall. But Fall is the time to begin getting your garden or landscape ready for its winter dormancy. Once the basic winter garden maintenance is complete, many displaced gardeners begin looking for ways to fill their time during the cold winter months ahead. When your garden is sleeping you have the time to go to the library or a bookstore and browse for winter garden projects, new ideas and gardening tips. If your friends and family are looking to you for holiday gift ideas, books on tree identification, composting and organic gardening are always appreciated by gardeners.

     This is a perfect time to fulfill your garden dreams and finalize those plans on building your own greenhouse, researching that 'hard to plant' landscape or basic landscape design. It will help you chase away the winter blues if you sketch out plans for some new flower beds. How about one entire bed dedicated to your favorite color? Maybe planning a special moon garden that only includes flowers and plants that bloom white!


     Here in Kentucky, Fall and winter are my favorite times for walking in the woods, bird watching and making plans for Spring flower beds. Often, because of the lack of foliage this time of the year, the sun creates luminous colors not seen at any other time. I have taken some of my favorite wildlife and nature photos in the middle of winter. I like to watch all the birds, not just on the feeders, but in the plants and on the ground.

     While you are enjoying the winter landscape around you, take notes about areas that may seem somewhat bare and need extra planting attention come Spring. Many of us who love nature plant garden beds, shelter trees and plants specifically as a refuge for the birds in winter. As you're removing dead vegetation and starting to make plans for Spring, consider planting a hedgerow of evergreen or a Leyland Cypress or arborvitae for the birds to nestle in during cold winter winds. If you are concerned about your garden budget, consider starting a garden club. That way you can trade plants and ideas with others who are bitten by the garden bug. You are only limited by your vision !


Bluegrass Gardens

"Winter, a lingering season,
is a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey,
and enjoy every idle hour"
~J. Boswell

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