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Tomato Support

Buying the perfect tomato support for your plants

     In today's garden article we will be discussing Tomato Support. No, I am not speaking of a tomato support group that gets together to discuss who makes the best BLT. Keeping tomato vines from falling over is a longstanding problem home gardeners face every tomato growing season. The traditional way to keep your tomatoes up off of the ground is with some type of tomato support, namely cages. Whether you grow a plant or two in containers or several varieties in a garden area, you will need some type of tomato support to protect from potential damage from the elements. The healthier the plant the more tomatoes it will produce, making the vine very heavy. If not supported properly, your tomato vine can easily topple over, damaging your ripening tomatoes.

     If you choose to stay with a more traditional tomato support, such as a cage or a trellis, just make sure you check out all of the new types available on the market. They have cages and trellises that can be folded up for easy storage, heavy duty rust-proof cages, folding tomato supports with clips and even specialty tomato planters that let your plant hang upside down for easy harvesting. Whatever tomato support should you choose, whether it be a cage, trellis, sticks or twine and stakes -  the best way to ensure a bountiful tomato harvest is to decide before you plant that first tomato seed. Just be sure to choose the best tomato support for your individual needs.


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