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    Information Shrubs and Trees for your Garden

    Shrub Catalog


    mohawk viburnum shrub Mohawk Viburnum
     A 1993 Gold Medal Plant Award Winner, Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk' is loaded with clusters...   

              shrub details.jpg  

    variegated weigela shrub Variegated Weigela
     A colorful flowering shrub for the landscape, Variegated Weigela is a magnet for...    

              shrub details.jpg  

    goldflame spirea shrub Goldflame Spirea
     Offering three seasons of color, Goldflame Spirea will dazzle you with magnificent shows...    

              shrub details.jpg  

    nikko blue hydrangea shrub Blue Hydrangea
     Considered one of the prime blues of Hydrangea, 'Nikko Blue' is a supreme performer in...    

              shrub details.jpg    

    virginia sweetspire shrub Virginia Sweetspire
     A most desirable shrub for the garden, the Virginia Sweetspire shrub was chosen...    

              shrub details.jpg  

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