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Dogwood Tree

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Botanical Name: Cornus florida var. Rubra

Common Name: Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree








Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida var. 'Rubra'

     The Pink Flowering Dogwood tree has a tiered branching habit that flaunts a wonderful display of color in late winter to early spring when covered in large pink "blooms". Fall brings red to maroon foliage with clusters of deep red berries that birds simply love. Widely popular throughout the United States, the Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree is a tree that will be cherished again and again.

     The Pink Flowering Dogwood exhibits a medium growth rate that matures at 20-30 feet in height. Canopy of the dogwood tree is symmetrical and spreads to 20-25 feet. Native to North America.


  • Zones 5b-9a Zone Chart
  • Full Sun-Light Shade
  • Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree
  • Cornus florida var. Rubra