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Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia
Star Magnolia

Botanical Name: Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily'

Common Name: Star Magnolia


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Star Magnolia Tree

Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily'

    Absolutely one of the the most beautiful trees on the garden scene, the Star Magnolia is another perfect flowering tree for small to medium size landscapes due to its slow growth habit and compact mature size of approximately 15 feet in height and 15 feet in width. Star Magnolia also fits equally well in larger landscape settings. The 'Waterlily' Star Magnolia bears slightly fragrant white flowers that blanket this compact tree in early to mid Spring before emergence of the deep green leaves.

     The Star Magnolia is a deciduous shrub, or small ornamental tree that will provide years of visual enjoyment in your garden. Makes a great gift for new home-owners, especially those with a limited area for planting.


  • Zones 5-9 Zone Chart
  • Full Sun-Light Shade
  • Star Magnolia Tree
  • Magnolia stellata 'Waterlily'