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Magnolia Tree

ann magnolia
ann magnolia

Botanical Name: Magnolia x 'Ann'

Common Name: Ann Magnolia Tree



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Saucer Magnolia



Ann Magnolia Tree

Magnolia 'Ann'

     Part of "The Girl Magnolias" collection, the Ann Magnolia tree was bred by the USDA for a late Spring bloom to prevent frost damage to the delicate flowers . The deep purple, chalice-shaped flowers blanket the tree in late Spring, followed by dark green leaves that hold their color until late Autumn. The 'Ann' magnolia craves attention throughout the Summer months with sporadic blooms.  With only a height of 8 - 10 feet and width of 10 feet, this magnolia is naturally a perfect fit for small landscapes and gardens .

     Ann Magnolia  requires little maintenance and is an easy to grow flowering tree. If you want a purple flowering magnolia that will fit practically any landscape, then Magnolia 'Ann' is the right tree for you.


  • Zones 3-8 Zone Chart
  • Full Sun-Light Shade
  • Ann Magnolia Tree
  • Magnolia 'Ann'