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Osage Orange Seeds


Botanical Name: Maclura Pomifera

Common Name: Osage Orange


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Osage Orange Seeds

Maclura Pomifera

     The Osage Orange tree bears bright green leaves throughout the summer flushing to a vibrant yellow in the fall and bears an inedible fruit known to some localities as the Hedge Apple. Osage Orange is a native tree of the mid-west and south-east United States and was planted as an impenetrable fence before the advent of barbed wire.

The osage orange tree matures to a height of 30'-50' with a spread of 30' and are dioecious, meaning they need both a male and female tree to produce fruit. Squirrels and deer find the fruit hard to resist in their natural habitat making this an excellent tree to grow for naturalizing and attracting wildlife. We believe everyone should have at least one of these Osage Orange trees growing on their property!

  • Zones 4-9 Zone Chart
  • Full Sun-Light Shade
  • Osage Orange
  • Maclura Pomifera


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