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Japanese Pagoda Tree - Bonsai


Botanical Name: Sophora Japonica

Common Name: Japanese Pagoda Tree


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Japanese Pagoda Tree

Sophora Japonica

     Japanese Pagoda Tree (syn. Scholar Tree) will grow to a height and spread of about 20 feet, forming a fine-textured weeping-type round canopy even as a young tree. It has a medium growth rate and tolerates polluted city conditions, heat, and drought. The tree prefers a sunny, open location on any light soil.

     The very showy, greenish-white to yellow flowers produced by the Japanese Pagoda Tree in mid to late summer are a wonderful contribution to your landscape. The young green twigs turn a dark grey with age. Seed supply for these trees is very rare. This tree makes an EXCELLENT BONSAI specimen.

  • Zones 5-8 Zone Chart
  • Full Sun
  • Japanese Pagoda Tree
  • Sophora Japonica