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dura-trel chantilly garden arbors

dura-trel chantilly garden arbors


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Dura-Trel Chantilly Garden Arbor

Garden Arbor

        The Chantilly Garden Arbor from Dura-Trel combines grace, durability, and ease of care in one simple package. When you buy garden arbors in this day and time, you want a garden arbor that will last a lifetime. The Chantilly Garden Arbor will certainly exceed your expectations with it's 20 year manufacturers guarantee. This maintenance-free vinyl garden arbor with UV-stabilizer is intended to bring you years of joy in the garden. Initial assembly of the arbor will take approximately two hours.

        Dura-Trel arbors are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects resulting in delaminating, peeling, flaking, corroding, cracking, crazing, or extreme amounts of fading or bleaching causing the PVC to change its natural color for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase. Hardware and ground anchors are included with all Dura-Trel arbors.

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