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Power Lawn Sweepers | Push Lawn Sweepers

Modern day lawn sweepers are very similar in look to reel mowers. But instead of cutting grass as a reel mower does, the lawn sweeper uses brushes to sweep lawn debris into a bag that is attached to the lawn sweeper. Lawn sweepers will pick up leaves, grass clippings, twigs and even trash. Lawn sweepers weigh very little so they are easy to maneuver. The brushes are turned either by movement of the wheels, with a push lawn sweeper, or by a motor, with a power lawn sweeper. Both power and push lawn sweepers do a good job of keeping your lawn well-groomed. Pros and cons of each are listed below.

Power Lawn Sweepers

  • Power lawn sweepers take less muscle than push lawn sweepers
  • The power lawn sweeper seems to do a better job of picking up lawn debris
  • Power lawn sweepers are ideal for those with larger lots and commercial lawn companies

Push Lawn Sweepers

  • The push lawn sweeper uses no fuel
  • If you live in a city with noise restrictions, you may want to opt for the push lawn sweeper
  • A push lawn sweeper is lighter in weight than a power lawn sweeper

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