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Organic Tomatoes - Organic Tomato



Organic tomatoes are tomatoes that have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals or additives. Organic tomatoes are becoming increasingly popular. Historically, organic tomatoes have been harvested for centuries. The earliest records of tomatoes in Europe date back to 1544. One thing most growers can agree on is that organic tomatoes taste sweeter, grow larger and are healthier for you than chemically treated field grown tomatoes.

Home and commercial tomato growers are planting several different varieties for different times of the season as well as for different purposes. It seems as though every one has their favorite variety of organic tomatoes for sandwiches; one for soups, another for sauces and yet another for salads. Seeds of many organic tomatoes are now widely available and affordable. There have been many hybrid tomatoes down through the years. These tomatoes have been bred for longer shelf life instead of for their original juicy taste. If you want to experience the authentic taste of tomatoes, try an organic tomato today.


2006 Linda Watts


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