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Gardening Holiday Gift Ideas

     Gift Ideas for the gardening enthusiast.

     Gardening gift ideas are abundant. If you have a gardening friend or loved one that you're shopping for this holiday season, keep two things in mind. One, when it's cold outside, we can think of nothing other than what we want to accomplish in the garden this coming Spring. And two, unfortunately, for the most part, most gardener's partners don't share their gardening enthusiasm as much, so we could use a little help with the gardening chores that lie ahead. This gives you, the gift giver, basically two choices when purchasing gifts for your gardener this holiday season. You could buy something to help your gardener get rolling this coming Spring, or you could give them a gift that will make their gardening chores a little easier.

     Gardening books are a wise choice for a lot of gardeners. There is always something new and exciting to learn about gardening. Some gardeners may be interested in organic gardening or vegetable gardening. Some may be trying to improve their landscape or they may be interested in adding a greenhouse so that they can get a jump on the gardening season. There are also all sorts of books available for those that are particularly interested in flower gardening.

     If books won't interest your gardener, how about a gift certificate for plants this coming Spring. More and more nurseries and garden outlets are offering gift certificates for plants and garden supplies. What joy you will bring to your gardener when they open that envelope and see that gardening gift certificate. Why,  they can add some new plants to the garden bed this Spring or get that garden tool that they've had their eye on for quite some time.

     Maybe your gardener friend is a bird watcher. They will most likely graciously receive a new bird feeder or birdhouse that will attract more birds to their garden this year. Throw in a bag of bird seed and a block of suet and it will certainly sweeten the pot.

      Your gardener may be the organic type. They know that the food they grow is more healthy than the stuff you find at the supermarket. Some good choices for these gardeners might be a compost bin or some quality garden tools. Or how about some heirlooms seeds they may have told you about. You were listening, weren't you?

      Some gardeners seem to really enjoy garden ornaments. If your gardener has a few ornaments in their garden, something as simple as a garden globe or statuary may fit right into their garden scheme. Just be sure and feel them out on what they like.

     If your gardener friend lives in an apartment, something as simple as a decorative pot or window planter could make the perfect holiday gift. A small trellis that fits inside a pot might also be another option. This might give them the opportunity to grow some clematis or some other vine that they might not have had the chance to grow before. Something to get them through the cold winter months might be a mini herb garden that they could grow on their windowsill.

     Whatever gift you choose to give your gardener this holiday season, know that no matter what you give, they will be thankful that you thought of them and took time out of your day to do something special for them. Because that's what this holiday season is really about.

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