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Garden Tillers - Tillers

     Every serious gardener needs a hard-working garden tiller for cultivating new garden beds. A good garden tiller can go from the toughest job of busting up hardpan soil to lightly cultivating the soil around your precious garden plants. You'll want to also keep in mind that garden tillers inevitably break down sooner or later, so check the prices of replacement parts for garden tillers as part of the buying process. Naturally, you'll want to compare features and pricing between garden tillers so you get the best bargain for your money. Your garden tiller needs will most certainly differ from your neighbor's, so choose wisely about the features in a tiller that are most important to you.

Garden Tiller HP

  • Horsepower, or HP, is an important factor to consider when choosing a garden tiller. If you'll be breaking up a lot of new ground with your tiller, you may want to opt for one that has more horsepower.
  • Conversely, if you will be maintaining garden beds that have already been previously cultivated, then horsepower may not be such an important issue when purchasing.
  • Consider the work you will be doing with your garden tiller. If you are a casual gardener with a vegetable garden and some flower beds, then you should do just fine with a 5 - 6 horsepower tiller.
  • For someone in the market for a tiller for business purposes, such as growing and selling at a Farmer's Market, it might be wise to choose a larger horsepower tiller.

Front Tine versus Rear Tine Tiller

  • The best purpose for a front tine tiller is maintaining soil that has been cultivated already. Try to till a new garden bed just one time and you'll understand the work involved in using a front tine tiller. But get one of these tillers in a cultivated garden bed and they are pretty easy to work with. So if you've moved into your new home and there is an old garden that you plan to cultivate, then you should be able to get by with one of these tillers. Front tine tillers are also a little easier on the pocket book.
  • Most rear tine tillers are very easy to handle and maneuver. They will pretty much turn on a dime when needed and require much less "muscle" from the operator. These tillers are the work horses in the garden. The majority of rear tine tillers are equipped for any garden job that you require from them.

Small Tillers - Cultivators

  • There is a place in every garden for a small tiller. Small tillers are very easy to maneuver between rows of vegetable plants. When you have a serious weeding task in your garden bed you can pull out your small garden tiller and take care of the job in no time.
  • The small garden tiller is a perfect choice for cultivating raised garden beds and is very lightweight. These two qualities alone make the small garden tiller an excellent option for those that are disabled, but enjoy gardening.
  • Small garden tillers make mixing compost a breeze. Just work the tiller up and down into the compost pile and it will turn and shred the compost in one easy procedure.
  • The Mantis Garden Tiller is one of the more popular small tillers available.

Garden Tiller Brands

  • There are a multitude of brand names in the garden tiller arena. Some of the more common and well known garden tiller brands are, in no particular order: Mantis Garden Tillers, Troy Bilt Tillers, Honda Tillers, Sears Craftsman Tillers, Husqvarna Garden Tillers, BCS Tillers, and MTD Tillers. All of these companies provide an array of tillers. Use your best judgment and you'll find the perfect tiller for your garden.


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