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Garden Sundials - A Sundial for the Garden

     Long before I started my garden plant wish list, I began searching for the perfect garden sundial as a principal focus for my informal garden. There are approximately eight available categories of sundials, so before choosing your favorite sundial, you need to decide where you want to place it. I knew I was going to place my sundial as a focal point near the rear of my garden, nestled right next to a sitting bench that can only be seen as you are walking down the main garden path. One of the reasons pedestal sun dials are my favorite is because your eyes are immediately drawn to it. You simply must get a closer look. That is the feeling I am hoping for. I want the sundial to lure you down the walking path, inviting you to explore further into the garden.

     It is a bit overwhelming choosing a garden sundial, there is so much to consider. Due to weather considerations most sundials are made of brass or stainless steel, although I have seen sundials made out of a terra cotta material. I like the patina of a brass sundial after it has been weathered. Many types of sundials are not readily available to gardeners like us and they can sometimes be hard to set up correctly. I didn’t want my garden feature to take up much of my plant weeding time. Vertical sundials need to be attached to a wall. That won't work if you do not have a wall in just the right sunny location. Fixed sundials such as a polar sundial, a horizontal analemmatic sundial or the uncommon reflected ceiling dials, in my opinion, can be kind of hard to read. Portable sundials need to be frequently moved, that wasn't what I wanted either.

     Most experienced gardeners agree, either a horizontal or equatorial (round) sundial are the best for home garden landscapes. You can purchase a sun dial that is made to be placed directly in the ground. I prefer the sundials that are made to be placed on some type of pedestal. You may want to purchase a brass pedestal or perhaps make a more personalized sun dial pedestal from stones or rocks from around your place. I have found online sun dial manufacturers that will personalize your dial by engraving your family motto, names, greetings or important dates; just about anything you’d like on your brass sundial.

     There are so many affordable choices; brass armillary sphere sundials are absolutely beautiful and add a bit of history to your garden. They even work wonderfully if you have a formal garden area. Just remember, wherever you decide to place your sundial - don't position it on un-level ground or too near a tree. Sun dials need to be placed where they will receive full sun. That small sapling you have planted next to it may be small right now. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and when mature, could possibly block out the very sunlight your sundial needs to tell time. In today's gardens, sundials serve as an excellent yard ornament for accenting your garden, patio or yard.

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