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Garden Articles

Tomato Support
Find the perfect tomato support for your tomato plants


Coffee Grounds in the Garden
Using coffee grounds in the garden with perfect results.


Winterize your Garden
Getting your garden ready for the winter season


Keep Cats out of the Garden
Solutions for keeping your garden safe from cats


Trees for Lawns
Finding the best tree for your lawn


Winter Gardening for Kids
Keeping the kids involved in gardening through winter


Solar Garden Lighting
Choosing the right solar garden lighting


Lilac Garden
Learn more about lilacs for your garden


Organic Tomatoes
Finding and choosing organic tomatoes


Landscape Design Plans
Plan your landscape while it's cold out


Fall Care of Roses
Getting your roses tucked in for the cold weather ahead


Garden Gazebo Plans
Relax in the shade of your homemade garden gazebo


Garden Storage Shed Plans
Build a garden shed for your lawn & garden equipment


Garden Sundials
Choosing a sundial for your garden


Outdoor Furniture Plans
Build outdoor garden furniture with these free plans


Potting Bench Plans
Build a wood outdoor potting bench using easy plans.


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