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Garden Arbor Plans - Build an Arbor



Build a Garden Arbor

      Garden arbors allow support for climbing plants, shade the weary gardener in the heat of the day, and can provide an entrance to your secret garden. Garden arbors and pergolas are also the perfect backdrop for picture taking events such as friendly get-togethers. Some plants that will work well with garden arbors are roses, ivy, clematis, grapes, hops and wisteria. If you wish to build a garden arbor for yourself, we have listed below several sites that offer garden arbor plans that will make your garden arbor project easier than starting from scratch. Building a garden arbor can make for a simple weekend project. A garden arbor project can also be a means of quality family time and the arbor is sure to be a place around which memories are made. Most of these free garden arbor plans require minimal woodworking skills. Some power tools may be required to construct a few of the free garden arbor plans listed below.