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Flowering Garden Shrubs


What are Flowering Shrubs?

     Flowering shrubs make up a group of flowering plants that have woody stems and typically are multi-branching from the base of the plant, whereas trees have one main trunk from the base. The majority of shrubs will reach a height of 10 - 20 feet. Some shrubs may be trained as trees. In the nursery trade, these shrubs would be classified as Standards.

Uses for Flowering Shrubs -

     There are many uses for shrubs in the home garden. Flowering shrubs can be grown in a shrub border or in a mixed border, meaning they will be mixed with other different plants such as annuals and perennials. Probably, one of the most important reasons for growing flowering shrubs would be the fragrant flowers. Shrubs such as lilacs, viburnum and purple leaf sandcherry can have some of the most heavenly scents when in bloom  Shrubs can also be used for privacy. Although not flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs can work very well for this purpose. They can also help control noise, should that be your intention on adding them to your garden.

Growing Flowering Shrubs -

     Most flowering shrubs are pretty easy to grow and don't need a whole lot of maintenance. An occasional pruning and addition of fertilizer will suffice for the most part. Some flowering shrubs will need water should you find yourself in a drought situation. You can rest assured that the better care you give your flowering shrubs, the more they will reward you in the future.

Below is a list of some of the more Popular Flowering Shrubs:

Viburnum Shrubs - Pictures - Made up of a genus of more than 150 species, viburnum are some of the most underused flowering shrubs in the garden. Frequently found in Botanical Gardens and Arboretums, viburnum are some of the easiest flowering shrubs that can be grown. Most do not require a whole lot of care, due to their resistance to pests and disease.

Weigela Shrubs - Pictures - A deciduous flowering shrubs with upright weeping habit, weigela species are just as popular as named cultivars. Flower color ranges from pure white to ruby red. Leaf colors can include dark green, purple, variegated and bright yellow. Weigela are a favorite shrub of butterflies. There is much to be said for these wonderful flowering shrubs.

Forsythia Shrubs - Pictures - Popular deciduous flowering shrub that grow to a height of 8 - 12 feet high. Upright to arching branches with bright yellow flowers in early Spring, this shrub prefers a loose rich soil, but performs fine in almost any type of soil. Pruning back to the ground should be performed after flowering on the oldest stems. Very easy to grow.

Hydrangea Shrubs - Pictures - Although mostly made up of flowering shrubs, this genus is also known for its host of trees and vines. Depending on what species or cultivar you intend to grow, the flower colors can be changed by simply changing the pH of the soil. Acidic soil will produce blue flowers, while alkaline soil will give you pink flowers. White flowers will not be affected by soil pH. Hydrangea shrubs make excellent specimen plantings, but can also be incorporated into mixed borders with wonderful results.

Lilac Shrubs - Pictures - Lilac shrubs tend to be another favorite of the homeowner. This hardy flowering shrub is perfect for growing in a shrub border or as a specimen. The fragrant flowers may be white, pink, red, blue or lilac. Lilac shrubs prefer a fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Mulching seems to help. Prune lilacs after flowering. Attracts bees and butterflies.

Hibiscus Shrubs - Pictures - While most people think of Rose of Sharon when they hear the name Hibiscus, there are actually over 200 species in this genus. Hibiscus flowers can be red, pink, purple, blue, white or even yellow. Hibiscus shrubs tend to prefer humus-rich, well-drained soil in full sun. Flowering can be affected when planted in the shade. Placement of these flowering shrubs works best in a mixed border.


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