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Keep Deer out of the Garden

     Keeping deer out of the garden is perhaps one of the worst predicaments a gardener can find themselves facing. There are many deer deterrent and repellent products available, but many gardeners have been trying for years to come up with a homemade solution to this perplexing problem of deer control.

     One of the best solutions to keeping deer out of the garden is to guide the deer away from the garden. I'll cite an example here. I had a garden not too long ago that seemed to be right in the path of the local deer population. The deer walked this path almost every night and as they were passing by, nibbled any green shoots that were in reach. I knew I had to come up with some kind of control for the deer fast or there simply wouldn't be a harvest from the garden. In checking out the surrounding area in the woods around the garden, I noticed that our neighbor had set out a new salt lick for the deer. The deer seemed to stray from their normal path for this new salt lick. I thought that if I could block off their normal path and set out salt licks quite a ways away from the garden, then maybe the deer would make a new path and bypass the garden on their nightly stroll. Well, this seemed to work well this last year. I'm really confident that it may work in the future, but only time will tell.

      Some other suggestions for keeping deer out of the garden are listed below:

  • Dogs are considered a top deterrent for keeping deer out of the garden, unless your dog is the type that lays there, raises an eyelid and basically gives anyone permission to travel across your property. Some training could be in order for your pooch, should you decide to go that route.
  • Fencing or netting off your garden can help to deter deer, but this can become costly depending on the size of your garden.
  • Some people have been known to pee, yes pee, around the garden and get successful results. I personally have tried this, very early in the morning, mind you. Had I been caught by my neighbors, they might not have thought highly of the idea. By the way, my results with this strategy failed.
  • There is a product on the market that works off the basis of deer not liking the smell of rotten eggs. So some people have let eggs rot and then placed them around the garden perimeter, with mixed results
  • We have several pet cats around the house. The deer do not approach the area around the house, ever. This is my personal observation, of course. I think it has to do with kitties using the flower beds and that's where the deer like to eat and well, you know. I can understand the deer's point of view there. One reason I guess to have cats in the garden.
  • Growing plants that deer are not particularly fond of can also deter the deer from around your garden.
  • Ivory and Irish Spring soap grated around the garden have also been tried to help deter deer, but the results were also mixed.
  • Coyote Urine, purchased at your local hunting supply,  has also had pretty good results in deterring deer.
  • Scare tactics, like throwing rocks, spraying water, running after the deer through the woods like a mad man, yelling out wildly, can clearly convince the deer that you are quite off your rocker, and can possibly deter them until they believe you might be back on your meds.

     Whatever deer control strategy you decide to use to keep deer out of your garden, please remember that you must change your strategy every so often, as deer will get used to the same things and be right back in the garden, munching on your precious plants.

     Have you had any particular homemade or commercial deer control strategy work well for you. We'd like to hear about it. Feel free to contact us and submit your ideas.

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