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Buying plants

     Confused on where to buy your plants? The decision can get a little hairy when you have so many choices available. We'll try to break it down here to make the process a little easier so you can feel confident in your online plant buying experience.

     First of all, do some thorough searching to make sure you get the best deals on your plants. The best deals on plants doesn't always mean the lowest prices. Nursery A may look like a good deal, while Nursery B may offer larger more healthy plants at comparable prices. If a deal looks too good to be true, then it's probable that it is. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but that will come in a later article on buying plants. Online, you have many resources available to you to check out Nursery Dealers. Visit *The Garden Watchdog to see how particular Plant Nurseries rate in the eyes of buyers like yourself. Once you find a Plant Nursery that interests you further, then it's on to the buying process.

     Once you decide where to buy your plants, it's time to decide which plants are right for your landscape. As you browse through the Plant Nursery website or thumb through the glossy pages of the mail order catalog., you'll more than likely see several plants that you just "have to have." Don't worry, we all do it and it's part of what makes buying plants fun. Just earmark the pages and put those plants down on your wish list. Be sure and let your family and friends know what plants interest you and you may receive some of those plants as gifts for birthdays and special occasions. It's all part of the fun of gardening.

   Now, back to the decision making process. Are the plants you're looking to buy going to fit into your landscape theme? Are you in the right zone to grow the plants you're looking to buy? Will the plants be small or large enough for their intended purpose? Are you going to be ready for the plants when they arrive or will you be running around like mad while your poor plants bake in the afternoon sun? It's important to think about these things before you buy your plants. Be like a Boy Scout when it comes to buying plants: Be Prepared.

     Plants that are bare root are normally sent in the Spring and Fall. Container grown plants can be shipped safely almost year-round. Once your plants arrive, it's up to you to make sure they get the best of care before and after they're planted. Most nursery stock comes complete with planting and growing instructions. If it doesn't, there are a plethora of resources available on the internet to guide you in the right direction. Try your best to get your plants into the ground as soon as possible and make sure to follow the plant nursery's instructions to get your plants started off on the right foot. Be sure to water your plants regularly during their first year in the ground, too.

     If you ever have a question about buying plants online, always feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to lead you in the right direction. And thank you again for visiting Bluegrass Gardens ...where Garden Dreams come alive.   



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