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    Arbors for your Home and Garden

    home garden specials.jpg


    water barrel.jpg Rain Catcher Water Barrel
    This attractively designed water barrel is compact enough to fit on a deck or patio. It features a debris screen with child-safe lid.

         water barrel details.gif

    garden arbor.jpg Chantilly Garden Arbor
    The Chantilly Garden Arbor from Dura-Trel combines grace, durability, and ease of care in one simple package....

         garden arbor details.gif

    garden arbor.jpg Berkeley Garden Arbor
    The Berkeley Garden Arbor is the largest in the line of Arboria's pergola-styled arbors. Constructed of 100% western red cedar, the Berkeley is....

         garden arbor details.gif

    garden arbor.jpg Astoria Garden Arbor
    The Astoria Garden Arbor from Arboria features furniture-style mortise and tenon....

         garden arbor details.gif

    garden trellis.jpg Arboria Copper Top Pyramid Trellis
    This Copper Top Pyramid Trellis from Arboria is very popular for use as an accent in the yard or....

         garden trellis details.gif

    garden arbor.jpg Arboria Glendale Garden Arbor
    The Glendale Garden Arbor from Arboria is a modestly priced arch style arbor with airy....

         garden arbor details.gif

    outdoor light.jpg Outdoor Frog Light
    Illuminate your outdoor decor with this 1-light Frog outdoor light....

         outdoor light details.gif

    portable greenhouse.jpg Portable Greenhouse
    Whether nurturing young seedlings or protecting tropical plants, this portable greenhouse is....

         portable greenhouse details.gif

    outdoor lantern.jpg Estate Double Head Outdoor Lantern
    Illuminate and accentuate your favorite living areas with the Estate....

         outdoor lantern details.gif

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