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Garden Articles

How to Build a Greenhouse
Resources for building a backyard greenhouse


Build a Garden Arbor
Garden arbor resource for the DIY gardener.


Garden Tillers
Selecting a garden tiller for your garden


Raised Garden Beds
Build your own raised bed for your vegetable and flower garden.


Keep Deer out of my Garden
Solutions for keeping Deer out of your Garden


Dogwood Tree
Details dogwood trees and shrubs


Patio Garden Ideas
Small space garden retreats


How to Build a Compost Bin
Find all of the best compost bin plans to build your perfect compost bin.


Gardening Gift Ideas
Holiday gift ideas for gardeners


Container Gardening
Only have room for a few plants? Try container gardening


Japanese Beetle Control
Get control of Japanese Beetles in your garden.


Soil pH test
Soil pH test information


Landscape Lighting
Bring your landscape alive at night


Cat Garden
Welcoming cats into your garden


Water Fountain Garden
Make this simple tiered fountain for your garden


Butterfly Garden
Would you like butterflies to flock to your garden?


Winter Garden
Winter effects for your garden


Hydrangeas and Hydrangea Care
Caring for and growing hydrangeas


Leaf Mold
Make leaf mold at home


Winter Landscape Garden Ideas
Garden maintenance and ideas for Spring


Buy Plants for your Garden
Tips for making your plant buying experience easier


Flowering Shrubs
Favorite flowering garden shrubs


Lawn Sweepers
Pros and cons of push and power lawn sweepers.


Viburnum cultivars and their uses


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