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Learn about Garden Plants & Nursery Plants

Bluegrass Gardens is here to offer you tips and hints on growing better garden plants. We offer many garden articles on our site to guide you on proper care of trees and plants, choosing the right plants for your garden and also information on composting and how to garden plans. Our plant profiles pages will help you understand the needs of individual plants and hopefully help you make a better decision when buying nursery plants for your garden & landscape.

Pink Dogwood

Red Dogwood

Saucer Magnolia

Japanese Red Maple

Balloon Flower Seeds

Cotton Seed

Rose of Sharon Seed

Osage Orange Seed

Raised Garden Bed

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Butterfly Bush Seed

Soil ph Test

Build an Arbor


Keep Deer out of the Garden

Landscape Design Plan

Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Japanese Beetle Control

Goldflame Spirea

Blue Hydrangea

How to Build a Greenhouse

Dogwood Tree

Patio Garden Ideas

Landscape Lighting